Quick & Easy Camping Meals

Tea or Coffee at camp
Hot Tea/Coffee

Indian tea, coffee and spices have a distinct flavour and exotic aroma. And we Indians can never say no to Chai(tea). Chai is our any time partner whether you are at camping, trekking, sitting in front of a bonfire with bunch of few friends or any where, Chai never disappoints. Similarly Coffee had it’s own perks and advantages especially in cold weather.

Oats meal banana apple

Hot Oatmeal

Oatmeal is best recipe to cook while camping. It is super quick, healthy, delicious, and easy to cook. It can be prepared for the breakfast. The recipe is perfect for camping. All you need is oats, some dry fruits, berry/banana/apple or any fruit you like(optional) and some sugar. 

 Egg omlete at campsite

Indian style Omlete

A great source of proteins, omelettes are super yummy and healthy at the same time. Also, it doesn’t require much ingredients. You just need some eggs, oil/butter, veggies, salt and that’s it. To mix all the ingredients together, use a Ziploc bag. After that you can put mixture in a pan and cook it. Never cook the omelette in Ziploc bags as they release chemicals.

Sandwich toast at camping


Delicious and quick to make, ideal for brunch, snack, appetizer or a meal. Great to make for camping. Take a loaf of any bread you like bread and then add a few of your favorites like cheeses, sliced tomatoes, onions (or any other veggies you’d like), as well as butter. Toast or not, it’s up to you.

Hot Maggi

Vegetable Maggi

Here comes everyone’s favourite, any time hunger solution Maggie. Now who doesn’t know how to cook it? Right everybody knows. Just add some onion, tomato, capsicum, curry leaves or any other ingredient or any other recipe you like. Super quick and easy.

Ready to eat meals

Ready to eat meals

To solve you hurdle of what to eat and cook while camping and trekking outdoors, there are several ready to eat meals available in the market like: Poha, Upma, Cuppa noodles, Hot soups