About Us

We are adventure lovers and techies in the service of nature. We believe and work to protect the environment so that we can keep admiring nature's beauty for ages.

Our Inspiration

"Our home is a common space for science, nature and adventure. Graduation from IIT Bombay in Aerospace, our passion for science got enhanced. Concept of  'go green', cleaning of plastic thoughts from brains, rolls of wind turbine and renewables, boosted our love for nature. 
These brought a baby out of us, named G-Spark, especially for YOU, the traveler,  the adventurer..those who love to be in harmony with nature and courageous to explore new and efficient ways of living with it."
It took our months of planning and hard-work to bring an optimum product for you which suits your need and satisfies your adventure instincts. G-Spark product is responsibly manufactured in India holding the value of indigenous product. 
We believe in ethical, honest and safe service to all because of strong trust in fruits of Karma. For us G stands for green, natural and true value in lives.
Join us in the journey of igniting true and natural spark in yourself with G-Spark.