How does it work? / How do I start a fire? / Where can I find instruction manual or videos?

Instruction manual for G-Spark is available on: This page Instruction page

YouTube link for user guide video: check this channel G-Spark YouTube Channel

Check testimonial videos for references: Use by other customers Gallery

Can I cook on stove?

Yes! You can cook any meal on flame similar to any cook stove or gas stove.

How many people’s meals can be cooked in one go?

Gspark stove can cook one time meal for upto 3 persons, and any drink like tea, soup etc. for 8-10 persons. 

It’s important to understand that ‘one go’ stands for the time until ash collection tray get filled then you may need to empty it before you use it further.

How much weight does this stove can take?

It can take very heavy weight vessel with large food upto 15 kg easily 

What size of pot you recommend?

The maximum size for safe working should be 18cm diameter at base

What type of wood you recommend? /  What kind of fuel I can use?

GSpark stoves are designed to burn solid biomass only: sticks, twigs, firewood, pinecones, wood chunks, etc. Like any fire, a good fuel source is the key to starting it correctly and keeping it going easily. You want to make sure you have good dry fuel. We do not recommend using charcoal. The stoves are specifically optimized to burn wood.

How should I stop the fire?

Let the fire burn down to cold ash. Dig a small hole for the very less ashes left, and pour water over them before covering with dirt.

Does it work on moist wood? / Can I use GSpark stove in rain?

Stove efficient performance help less moist wood to burn in a similar manner but with some smoke. In case of highly moist wood you can peel of the outer cover of wood with a knife and can be used for burning. There will be no effect of rain on the quality or material of stove. GSpark perform best with dry woods. In case of moist wood starting of fire might be difficult. The usage of waterproof, quick and easy GSpark fire starter help you to start the fire easily.

Is it safe to use in forest?

Yes! It is perfectly ok to use at any outdoor places. Closed chamber helps in safe combustion of wood. Also ash tray at the bottom of the stove does not allow ashes to spread across. Safety should be considered since, it can not be left unattended.

Can I use my GSpark indoors?

No! It can be used outdoors for trip or on backyards. It can be used during trek, camping, hiking, road trips, beaches, backyards, picnic. Perfectly suitable for any trip of Solo traveller  or Group travel of Family, Friends, Corporate, School etc.

How do I clean my stove?

It is easy to clean just by using water. Any detergent or liquid cleaner similar to cleaning of utensil will work for it. Change in color of stove due to usage? Perfectly Fine. Do not worry about strength and quality of stove.

What material it is made of?

It is made of high grade, high strength, rust free Stainless steel

Does outside wall gets hot?

Yes it gets heated during the usage, not recommended to touch stove during the use. Once the wood has been burnt to ashes it will take further 3-5 min. To cool down. You can pack inside the bag once cooled.

I have a GSpark stories where do I send it?

Great! It’s really a pleasure to publish your stories. 

If you are already planning to post your pic on Facebook and Instagram, that’s perfect. Include hashtags #gsparkstoves with our handle for facebook and for instagram

If you have longer form of stories or blogs. Email us your GSpark stories, photos, link to video, recipes etc. at support@gsparkstove.com. Don’t forget to mention location and date of your trip. Your stories might get a chance to publish on our website too.

What is the life of stove?

Use of high grade, rust free stainless steel gives it a lifelong warranty. The change in color with usage does no effect on quality or strength of stove. You can use some liquid cleaners to clean your stove to bring back the stainless steel stylish mat finish. 

What is your return policy?

GSpark product purchased from website gsparkstove.com may be returned within 15 days of purchase. All return items must be in the original manufacturer’s labelled packaging.

For complete details please check Return policy on this website link..